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(Labor only, parts extra)

Minimum charge if truck comes to you is $20 including parts. There is no additional "House-Call" charge tacked on.

Service Menu Bottom line: I charge for what I end up doing. It is difficult to post set prices since I am not willing to charge full price for a simple 15 minute tune-up. If your bike needs more work than a normal tune-up, then I will charge accordingly.
I am pretty good with estimates over the phone or e-mail if you can describe the problem you are having with your bike.
Full Tune-up (Mountain Bike, Road Bike) $50.00, discounts for multiple bikes
True wheels and re-tension spokes, adjust headset, hubs, and bottom bracket, re-surface brake pads, lube and adjust brake cables and shifters, lube chain, re-torque critical bolts, general safety check-over, clean frame, and check tire pressure.
Overhaul $100.00
Disassemble, clean, lube reassemble hubs, headset, bottom bracket, drivetrain cleaning, remove and replace cables, full tune-up service.
Brakes and Cables
Lube and adjust brake (each, any type) $5.00
Replace pads, lube cable, and adjust brake $7.00
Replace cable, housing, and adjust brake $8.00
Derailleurs and Cables
Lube and adjust derailleur (each, any type) $5.00
Replace derailleur and adjust $9.00
Replace cable, housing, and adjust derailleur $9.00
Align derailleur hanger $5.00
Wheels and Hubs
Lateral true with tire on $2.00 - 10.00
Lateral and radial true with tire off $5.00 - 12.00
Lateral, radial, and dish with tire off $7.00 - 14.00
Adjust hub, front/rear $2.00/3.50
Rebuild hub or replace axle and adjust hub, front/rear $10.00/15.00
Headsets and Forks
Adjust headset (threaded or threadless) $3.50
Rebuild headset $15.00
Install new headset and adjust $16.00
Install suspension fork, threadless, includes star nut $30.00
Suspension fork clean and oil change $30.00
Suspension fork replace seals and change oil $60.00
Bottom Brackets, Cranksets, and Pedals
Adjust bottom bracket $5.00
Rebuild bottom bracket and adjust $15.00
Remove and replace cartridge bottom bracket $5.00

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